Adobe GoLive Setup

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After opening Adobe GoLive, click on the File menu, then select “FTP Upload/Download”.

In the FTP Upload/Download setup screen, you will fill in following information:

Server: Enter (If you are using a Windows hosting plan, please use ‘www.yourdomain’ as the FTP hostname.)

User Name: If your account was created with us after March 2005, enter your full domain name, with ‘www.’. If your account was created prior to March 2005, use your master username.

Password: Enter your web site password (please note that your username and password are case-sensitive)

Directory: public_html

Now click the Connect button. If your information was entered correctly, GoLive will connect to our server and display a list of files for your site.

If your domain name is being transferred to and the DNS change has not yet propagated, you may need to use the IP address until the propagation process completes (usually 24-48 hours). If you use the IP address, you do not need to include www or http:// in the host name.