CuteFTP Setup


To setup CuteFTP to connect to your site hosted on WebHero, please follow the directions provided below:

1. Launch the CuteFTP program.

2. Create a New FTP Site by clicking on File > New > FTP_Site

3. Under Label, select a name for your site.

4. Enter your Host Address, which will be ‘’ (If you are using our Extreme Hosting Windows plan, however, please use ‘www.yourdomain’ as the FTP hostname.)

5. Enter your username. If your account was created after March 2005, your username is the same as your domain name. Do not include the ‘www.’ (Example:

6. After entering your password, click OK.

7. Highlight the created account, and hit Connect to test your connection8. Click OK

You are now ready to upload files. Your HTML files and images should be uploaded to the ‘public_html/’ folder.