Dreamweaver Setup

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To setup an FTP site in Dreamweaver please refer to this brief tutorial.

Specify FTP as the connection type

Hostname – ‘ftp.webhero.com’ (If you are using our Extreme Hosting Windows plan, however, please use ‘www.yourdomain’ as the FTP hostname.)

Remote Folder – public_html/

FTP login – This is your assigned FTP username (If your account was created after March 2005, your username is the same as your domain name. Do not include the ‘www.’

FTP password – This is the password you use to login to your Webhero.com control panel

Here is a brief checklist If you are receiving errors:

Ensure that you are entering all fields in the proper casing (upper vs. lower) and if still not authenticating try the username and/or password in entirely lowercase.

Under the Advanced tab: Ensure that “Use Passive FTP” is selected.

Advanced tab: Ensure that Use Firewall is checked if you are behind a firewall.

Advanced tab: Ensure that Use SSH (Secure SHell) encrypted secure login is not selected.