Fetch Setup


After opening the Fetch program, you will use the following information to connect to your website.

1. Host: Enter ftp.webhero.com (If you are using our Extreme Hosting Windows plan, however, please use ‘www.yourdomain’ as the FTP hostname.)

2. User ID: Enter your master username (If your hosting account was created with Webhero.com/Catalog.com after March 2005, your master username is your domain without ‘www.’ in front (Example: yourdomain.com).

3. Password: Enter your web site password (the password is case-sensitive)

4. Directory: The default directory for your site is “public_html/” The “public_html” directory is labelled as the “home directory” in the WebHero control panel.
When you click “OK”, you will be connected to the FTP server, and your website content will display.

To upload a file to the server, click “Put File”. In the dialog box provided, select the files you want to upload and click “Open.” Your files will be transferred to our server.

To download a file, highlight the specific file from the list on the left and click “Get File. ” This will display a similar dialog box with the option to “Save” instead of “Open.”

Other Notes On File Names:

Name your home or main page “index.html”. Make sure it is in lower case when you transfer it to the web server. Doing this will cause your main page to automatically load when someone browses to your website.

Make sure your file names are lower case if possible. Remember that “Index.html” is not the same as “index.html”. Avoid all control characters such as “~!@#$%^&”, and avoid the use of spaces in your file names. However, the “_” character is acceptable.