Frontpage Reverse Publishing

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You can use the following steps to copy your FrontPage website from our servers to your computer.

1. Open FrontPage and close any dialog or site that automatically opens.

2. Click File | Open Site.

3. Type “” in the “Site Name” (substitute your domain for “” without quotes).

4. Click File | Publish Site.

5. Select the radio button “File System” and click Browse.

6. Select a location on your computer to publish a new copy of your site and click Open.

Note: You may create the folder in advance or you may create it while you are “Browsing”. Simply right-click the folder space you are viewing and select”create new folder” FrontPage will install theSharepoint services extensions to that folder on your computer.

1. Click OK and then click Yes to install a new FrontPage site (complete with extensions) to your computer .

2. Click File | Close site.

3. Click File | Open site.

4. Browse to the new copy of the site you just published.

5. Make changes to the new copy, save, and publish site to (substitute your domain for ‘’).