Hosting Club Benefits


Earn up to 40% on Referrals

Each WebHero Hosting Club member is automatically an affiliate of and gets their own free subdomain site. Members can promote WebHero’s product offerings through their subdomain and earn a 20% credit on any referred purchases. This can go towards paying their own balance or can be mailed out as a check.

Save up to 40% on Hosting

WebhHero Hosting Club members save 40% off all their WebHero hosting products, for webmasters or other users with multiple sites this can quickly become a great way to get more hosting for less as the savings easily cover the club fee.

Sub Directory Hosting

With the purchase of any hosting plan and the Hosting Club you can host up to 50 subdirectories. Simply buy a hosting package then add as many domains as you want each for only $11.95/year. You will be able to share your disk space, transfer, emails, and other plan features amongst all the domains you control. This is great for web designers, web developers, companies, or anyone who needs to host a large number of domains.

For More information on Subdirectory Hosting: SubDirectory Hosting

Priority Support

Members of our Hosting Club receive priority customer support, they are taken straight to the front of the line with their tickets being answered first. They also receive 24X7 Phone Support.

Other features

Many other features such as domain forwarding (masking) and webserver level redirects are available to Hosting Club members at no additional cost when the domain is registered here. Many custom options (may include a one-time setup fee) are also always available so if there is something you need and do not find please ask us by calling us or opening up a support ticket.