How to Manage your Site

  Site Administration

Website management is a very broad topic, and website owners use many different methods to maintain their websites. This article will provide a general overview of the ways you can manage your website with WebHero.

WebHero Control Panel – The WebHero control panel is the primary tool that you will use to manage all aspects of your site. You can manage your billing information, website files, email accounts, referral credits and more via this tool. Please be sure to log into the control panel often to check for WebHero news and offers, as well as to keep your account current.

You can also use the File Manager in the WebHero control panel to view, edit, upload, and delete your files. If you are comfortable editing HTML, this is a quick and easy way to edit your web pages.

Site Builder – You can use our Site Builder tool to edit your website quickly and easily. Site Builder is a template driven, WYSIWYG, online editor. You can choose a look-and-feel for your website, upload your images and text, and have a complete website in minutes. To access the Site Builder, please log into the WebHero control panel and click the “Site Builder” icon.

FrontPage – All paid-hosting accounts with WebHero include support for Microsoft FrontPage. You can design your website on your computer in FrontPage, and upload your files to your site when you are ready.

Dreamweaver – Macromedia Dreamweaver is one of the premier web editing programs available. Many professional web designers use this program to create and manage websites. Dreamweaver uses FTP to upload your website files, so you only need to enter the FTP logon information provided with your account to access your site.

Other Web Editing Software – Most web editing programs include an FTP upload function. After you have designed your website, locate your software’s “Publish” option, and enter the FTP logon information for your account.