IMAP Access


IMAP access is included with all of our paid hosting accounts. This article will help you understand IMAP and decide whether you need to use this feature.

What is IMAP?

IMAP stands for “Internet Messaging Access Protocol”, and is a method of access your email account. Most email users do not need to use IMAP, but will use POP3 (the default protocol for most email programs) to access an email account. IMAP allows you to manage emails while they remain on the email server. You can change the status of emails, delete and reply, etc, without ever downloading the messages to your computer. This is useful if you access your email from multiple computers, or if multiple people use a single email account.

Should I Use IMAP?

Most people should use the default POP3 protocol to access an email account. POP3 allows you to store your emails on your computer, so that you do not take up extra space in your hosting account. Since your messages are store on your computer, you will be able to access them faster and more efficiently. However, if you travel and use various computers, or if you share an email account with someone else, IMAP may be the solution you need.

What Do I Need To Know?

Keep in mind that your emails are stored on our server when you use IMAP, so your access to your email messages may be slightly slower than if you download your messages using POP3.

When you create a new folder in an IMAP account, you need to create the folder as a sub-folder of your Inbox. Our server will not allow you to create a top-level folder. In most email programs, you can right-click your Inbox and select “New Folder” to create a sub-folder.

When you configure your email account, please use the following settings:

Incoming server type: IMAP

Incoming server:

Username: (Your Full Email Address)

Password: (Your Email Password)

If there is an option to use SSL that is supported and can be checked.

Outgoing server: