Installing Modules


1. You can enable or disable modules in Drupal by going to Administer -> Site building -> Modules.

2. Drupal comes with many useful modules, each will have a brief description of what they do. More modules are available, and you can download them at The Drupal Modules Official Resource. To enable or disable a module, simply check to activate and uncheck to deactivate. Don’t forget to click the Save configuration button at the bottom once finished.

Installing a New Module

1. To demonstrate how to install a new module, we’ll install the Google Analytics module. Download the module file (most will be a .tar, .rar. or .zip file), extract it to it’s own folder, then upload to it to the /modules directory in your Drupal installation.

2. You should be able to navigate back to Administer -> Site building -> Modules and see it listed in the Statistics section at the bottom.