Microsoft Publisher

  Web Editing Software

Please use the following steps to publish your site via Microsoft Publisher 2003:

1. Choose “Publish to the Web…” from the File menu.

2. If you see a dialog box stating that you need a web host, click OK.

3. Click the drop down list arrow in the Save in: box.

4. At the very bottom of the list you’ll see Add/Modify FTP locations.In the dialog box that opens up add the following information, which is case sensative:

5. Name of FTP site is your domain name, plus your IP address ( If you do not have a domain registered yet, use the server IP address.

6. Enter the Subfolder or local directory containing your Web pages as “/public_html” (without the quotes)

7. Log in as: User. Your user name is your domain name ( unless your account was created with us prior to March, 2005. Your username is case-sensitive.

8. In the Password box type in your password. Your password is case-sensitive.

9. Click the Add button to add your new site to the FTP Sites: list box.

10. Click OK and you will be returned to the Publish dialog box.

11. Click on your URL, then click Open button. The file name should be index.html and the Save as type: should be Web Page, Filtered.

12. Publisher will now connect to the web server and show a list of files on the server. Do not change any file or folder that you’re not familiar with and didn’t create yourself (or bad things will probably happen).
13. Click the Save button. Publisher will begin generating HTML web page files and images, and will upload them to the server. When this process completes, your site is ready for viewing