Picasa Photo Orgainizer

  Web Editing Software

Picasa is photo organization software from Google, the search engine giant. Picasa allows you to sort your photos and perform minor edits (such as red-eye correction). For website owners, however, one of the best features is the ability to easily upload a photo gallery to your website. This article will help you install Picasa and create a web gallery.

First, you need to download Picasa from Google. When prompted, run the program to install Picasa.

When you launch Picasa for the first time, you can decide whether to let Picasa see photos only on your Desktop, or to search your computer for all pictures. It is usually best to let Picasa search your entire computer, so that you do not have to manually add your pictures to Picasa later.

After Picasa finds your pictures, you simply have to select the pictures you want to upload to your site. You can select all of the photos in a particular folder, or you can select individual photos by holding down the Control (CTRL) key while you click the desired photos.

When you are ready, click the Folder menu, and select “Export as Web Page”. Picasa will ask you to select a size for your images (640 pixels is usually a good size) and a title for your new photo gallery. Take careful note of the location listed in the “Select a Folder” box, because your new photo gallery will be saved to that location. Click Next, and choose a template for your gallery. You can always edit the HTML document that is created, if you wish to make it look like the rest of your website. Click Finish, and your gallery will be saved.

Now, open the FTP program of your choice, and upload your new gallery to your website.