POP3 Access


POP3 Access

POP3 access is included with all of our paid hosting accounts. You can access your email accounts via POP3 to download your email messages to your computer.What is POP3?

POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol, version 3. POP3 is the most common method of transfering emails on the internet.Should I Use POP3?

Most people should use the default POP3 protocol to access an email account. POP3 allows you to store your emails on your computer, so that you do not take up extra space in your hosting account. Since your messages are store on your computer, you will be able to access them faster and more efficiently. However, if you travel and use various computers, or if you share an email account with someone else, IMAP may be the solution you need.What Do I Need To Know?

Keep in mind that when you check your email account using POP3, your emails are removed from our server and placed on your computer. If you delete a message from your computer, it will no longer be available.When you configure your email account, please use the following settings:

Incoming server type: POP3

Incoming server: mail.webhero.com

Incoming Port Non-SSL: 110

Incoming Port SSL: 995

Username: your full email account

Password: your email password

Outgoing server: mail.webhero.com

Outgoing Port Non-SSL: 25*

Outgoing Port SSL: 587

* Some ISP’s block port 25 to outside providers, if you have problems sending with port 25, change to SSL and port 587.  If still having problems change to Non-SSL and try port 2525 or 1025.