Search Engine Submission

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Websites are not immediately available in search engines when they are created. Search engines are run by independent companies who decide when and how to add new sites to their databases, if they add a site at all.

There are two primary steps to improve your chances of getting your site listed in the search engines:

Ensure that your site has a good, keyword-rich content, and the more the better. For example, if you want people to find your site by searching for the phrase “natural soapnuts”, you will need to write content for your site that uses the words “natural”, “soapnuts”, and “natural soapnuts” often. Now, this does not mean that you should simply repeat the words over and over again nonsensically, but try to integrate them into the content of your site in a meaningful way.

Get other sites to link to yours. Most of the search engines consider a link to your site a “vote”. Therefore, if ten other sites link to yours, your site has been “voted for” ten times. If there are no links to your site on the internet, then nobody is voting for you, and you may not be listed highly in the search engines.

Finally, be aware that getting listed in the search engines takes time. You cannot create a site today and expect to be listed tomorrow, or even next week. Websites make take a few weeks or even months to become listed. However, don’t give up hope. Try to implement the steps listed above, and you will have a good chance of succeeding.