Sending Email –

  Email is a blacklisting organization. They maintain a list of IP addresses that have been known to send spam (unsolicited email). If you receive a error while trying to send email, your computer’s IP address has been noted as an originator of spam. Until your IP address is removed from their database, you will not be able to send email. To correct this problem, please use the following steps:

1. Make sure that your computer is not sending spam. Install antivirus software if needed, and make sure that your computer is not accessible to people who may be using it for their own purposes.

2. If you have a dynamic IP address, you can simply restart your internet connection to get a different IP address. If the problem persists, contact your ISP to get the IP address removed from the database.

3. If you have a static IP address, you will need to visit the website and use their online tool to remove your IP address from their database.

If you are listed with, please note that cannot do anything to remove you from the list. You will need to use the steps above to regain access to your email accounts. As a temporary workaround, you can use our Webmail system to send and receive email until the problem is corrected.