Session Timed Out

  Site Administration

There are two reasons why you may receive a “Session Timed Out” error when trying to login to your Site admin control panel:

The cause of this error is normally the setting for Time, Date or Time Zone on your computer.

Windows Users – Double click on the Clock in the bottom right corner of your task bar and check the Date, Time and Time Zone. All must be accurate for your current location.

Macintosh Users – Click the Apple, Control Panels, Date/Time. Check the Date, Time and Time Zone. All must be accurate for your current location.

Linux Users – Use the ‘dateconfig’ command to change your computer’s date and time.

NOTE: The time must be within 5 minutes of our server time which adjusts for time zone and daylight savings. This means everything must be correct including, year, month, day, AM/PM, and daylight savings.

Daylight Savings UPDATE: Since daylight savings is changing in the US to begin earlier and end later, your computer will need to be updated accordingly. Click the following links for more information about this patch.

Windows Daylight Savings Patch
Macintosh Daylight Savings Patch
Linux Daylight Savings Patch

The other possible reason is that your web browser has been set to disable Cookies. The default setting for browsers is to have them enabled, so if you have not gone in to the browser settings to change this, it should be correct. From within Internet Explorer 5x – Click Tools, Internet Options, Security Tab, click the Custom Level while on Internet at the top and check the setting for Cookies. Make sure that they are enabled. From within Netscape 4.7+ – Click Edit, Preferences, Advanced at the bottom. Be sure that it is set to accept all Cookies.