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WebHero provides site statistics with all of our paid-hosting plans, so that you may view the number of visitors to your site. To access the statistics for your site, please use the following link:

Site Statistics (You will be prompted to log into your account)

Webalizer statistics are provided for free with our accounts, and are updated daily. Please note that statistcs can take up to 24 hours to be generated. Therefore, statistics for Wednesday (for example) may not be available until Thursday at midnight. If you do not see your current statistics, please ensure that at least 24 hours have passed from the day in question before contacting support.

In addition to Webalizer, we provide Urchin statistics as a paid upgrade. Urchin statistics are updated hourly, and provide more detail regarding visits to your site. If you wish to upgrade to Urchin statistics, please open a support ticket or call us at (405)753-9300.

You can view a demo of the Urchin statistics at The username for the demo is ‘demo’, and the password is ‘demo’.