SmartFTP Setup


First you must obtain the SmartFTP client software from the SmartFTP website.

Initial Setup will use the Normal/Unsecured FTP protocol.

1. In the Address box at the top, enter ‘’. (If you are using our Extreme Hosting Windows plan, however, please use ‘www.yourdomain’ as the FTP hostname.)

2. In the Login box enter your username. If your account was created after March 2005, your username is the same as your domain name. Do not include the ‘www.’ (Example:

3. In the Password box, enter the password you use to login to your control panel.

4. Now press Enter or the Connect button. From the FTP menu, you may also select Connect.

5.You will see a list of your files and folders on our server once connected successfully. Typically your local files are on the left, and the FTP server files are on the right, but this may be reversed. In order to be viewable to the public, all Web page documents, files, pictures and directories must be uploaded into the public_html.

6.On the FTP server files side, double-click the public_html directory to open it.

7. To upload or download files or folders, simply drag them from your desktop into the SmartFTP window.

8. In order for your homepage to respond properly, rename it to ‘index.html’.

If you need to create a folder, change permissions, rename or delete files/folders, simply right-click to open additional options.