Spam Shark

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Many website owners deal with a large amount of spam on a daily basis. To combat this problem, Spam Shark will filter email for all of the email accounts on your domain. In our tests, 97% of spam emails and all known viruses are removed before they ever reach your inbox.

To add Spam Shark to your account, please visit the upgrade center.

After Spam Shark is added to your account, you do not need to make any configuration adjustments. The filter operates based on a number of rules, including:

Keyword Scanning: Emails are scanned for words commonly used in spam. Each time a “hot” keyword is found, the likelihood that the message is spam increases. When a predefined threshold is reached, the message is marked as spam.

Blacklist: We subscribe to a list of known spammer domains and addresses. If a message is received from a known spammer, it is marked as spam.
Message Authenticity: Message headers are checked to determine that they are not forged.

Checksums: If a particular message is received multiple times, the likelihood that it is spam increases.

Rate Limits: Detects large quantities of messages from a single source, and actively prevents large-scale spam attacks.

We can always adjust the filter for you if you find that it is too agressive, or if an occasional message slips through the cracks. You can open a support ticket at any time to discuss the Spam Shark settings.