Subdirectory Hosting Pros and Cons

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With membership in the Hosting Club each paid-hosting plan can host multiple domains as long as the domain is registered with WebHero. Subdirectory hosting or Subdir hosting is both an economical and efficient way of hosting multiple domains as separate websites under the same hosting plan. For each subdir hosted site, you would publish to a subdirectory or subfolder under the one master domain’s hosting plan. All emails for the subdir hosted domains would also be shared from the one master domain’s hosting plan.

Benefits of Subdirectory Hosting:

You don’t have to pay for a separate hosting plan, but it functions like a separate website !
The domain emails are forwarded to the master domain.
One login for all the sites.
FrontPage compatible.

Limitations of Subdir Hosting:

The template based Site Builder we offer does not work with the subdirectory hosted sites.
The Statistics programs analyze the whole space and so do not offer domain specific stats.
You cannot have two separate email addresses for and, however, you can use without correspondents knowing that it is actually forwarded to

To add Subdirectory hosting to your account. Please contact support.