TXT Records

  Domain Names

TXT records require two values, a hostname and the TXT data. When you are entering a new TXT record in the All Host Records section of your control panel the hostname needs to be entered on the left and the TXT data on the right as seen below.

Be sure to select “TXT Record” from the drop down menu on the right.

To add an SPF record for your domain you will need to enter your domain name on the left field and the SPF information on the right. It will look similar to the image below but with your information in the fields.

For Google domain keys you will need to enter the information as below substituting your generated domain key from Google in the right field.

The final example is for Google site verification. If you need to make this type of record your domain name goes in the left field and google-site-verification= followed by your Google Apps security token on the right as below.

Be sure to click Submit after you have filled out both the left and right fields with your correct information. You can enter up to three DNS records at a time of any type.

If you have a circumstance in which you need to have two TXT records with the same host value you will need to open a support ticket containing the information for the TXT records so an admin can enter these values manually