Upgrading Drupal


Before you attempt to upgrade your Drupal installation, make sure you have Backed up Drupal. After you have made a backup, delete your Drupal files from the server as we will be replacing them. You can do this from the File Manager in the control panel, or with an FTP client.

1. First, download the latest stable release at the Official Drupal Website.

2. Next, extract the file you downloaded from Drupal’s site to it’s own folder and upload the contents via FTP to your original Drupal installation directory.

3. After the files have been uploaded, you should copy the necessary files from your backup back to the server. This includes: .htaccess file, the sites directory, and the files directory. Overwrite files if prompted.

4. Next, log in to the Control Panel and open the settings.php file for editing.

5. Edit the following line:

$update_free_access = FALSE;

and change it to:

$update_free_access = TRUE;

Click Save once finished.

6. Next, we’ll need to upgrade the database. Go to www.yourdomainname.com/drupaldirectory/update.php ex. www.mysite.com/update.php or www.mysite.com/drupal/update.php. You should get a page requesting to upgrade the database. Click the Continue button and follow all of the on-screen instructions. If there are no errors, your Drupal installation is successfully upgraded.

7. For security, you’ll want to go back in to the Control Panel and change the $update_free_access variable back to it’s orginal value:

$update_free_access = FALSE;