Website Counters

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Adding a web page hit counter is the easiest way to document accumulated traffic to your website. First, you will need to open a support ticket to have a counter file created. This counter file will be in the format “username.dat”. This data file is then used to keep track of the total number of new and returning hits to your web page(s).

Once the “username.dat” file has been created, you can implement and display the counter on any of your web pages through the use of an IMG tag. The code you will want to use is:

{img src=”|ft=0|md=5|dd=C”}

replace the {} at the beginning and end with < >

There are 4 different display options, and you can change them by using dd=A, dd=B, dd=C, dd=D at the end of the line of code.

Remember to replace the “username.dat” portion in the IMG tag with the data file created through your support ticket.

Once your counter has been implemented on your web page(s), the data file will increase every time the IP address hitting the counter changes. The counter will be a simple way for you to track new and returning hits to your web pages. If you ever need the value of the counter file changed to a specific amount, please open a support ticket.