WS FTP Setup


After opening WS_FTP, click on the “New” button. This will give you a blank screen to setup and use as your connection to your site.

Fill in the blanks as follows:

1. Profile Name: Whatever you want to name your site.

2. Host Name: Enter ‘’. (If you are using our Extreme Hosting Windows plan, however, please use ‘www.yourdomain’ as the FTP hostname.)

3. Host Type: From the list choose “Automatic Detect”

4. User ID: Enter your web site username (typically your master username or domain name without www. in front)

5. Password: Enter your web site password (case-sensitive)

6. Other: Under the Options/Session Options make sure “Use PASV trasfer mode” is checked.

Now click the “Save” button. When you open FTP in the future and choose your profile name you will not have to enter any information, just click “OK”.

Once logged in successfully, you will have your domain name in the title bar of the program. Everything in the left window (local system) is on your computer, everything in the right window (remote system) is on our server.

You will place all of your web pages and associated files inside the public_html directory on the remote system. To enter this directory, just double click on the directory name of public_html.

To go up directory levels, you will double click on the green arrow at the top of the windows. This will work for both the local system (your computer) or the remote system (our server).

To transfer files: highlight the file on your local system and click the arrow button to transfer the file over to the remote system. This is transferring files from your computer to our servers. Once the file is located on the remote system, it is live on the server. There are no time delays.

Other Notes on File Names:

Name your home or main page “index.html”. Make sure it is in lower case when you transfer it to the web server. Doing this will cause your main page to display automatically when someone enters your domain name in a browser.